Returning from Copenhagen

I’m currently sitting in Copenhagen airport, with two hours to wait before my flight boards. It’s been a tiring day – my feet in particular are aching somewhat, and my throat is quite sort – but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. We started the actual talk at about 10am and finished at 4pm, with three breaks totalling about an hour – so I was speaking for five hours. You might have thought that with all that time, it would be easy to go into a lot of detail about C# 2 and 3, but there’s really too much to cover everything. Topics I remember talking about:

  • Generics (assuming everyone knew the basics – talked about static members, constraints)
  • Iterator blocks
  • Anonymous methods
  • Automatic properties
  • Anonymous types
  • Object/collection initializers (really briefly)
  • Lambda expressions
  • Extension methods
  • Query translation (at a very broad level)
  • The basics of LINQ to Objects, including streaming/buffering and deferred/immediate execution
  • Push LINQ and Protocol Buffers
  • C# 4
  • What I’d like to see in C# 5

The whole session was recorded – I’ll post a link when it’s ready, along with slides and code – if you really want to sit through 5 hours of me talking :)

Anyway, I’ve had a great time, and massive thanks to Brian Rasmussen for organising it and letting me stay in his beautiful home, as well as to Microsoft for hosting the event and Google for giving me the go-ahead to do it.

Next stop: London .NET User Group on November 19th, talking about Push LINQ (in more detail).

14 thoughts on “Returning from Copenhagen”

  1. Hi Jon, I hope you made it home without any problems. I had a great time during your stay and I think the talk went really well. I’m looking forward to seeing the feedback from the attendees. Once again, thanks for doing this and I hope to see you soon.



  2. Hi Jon,

    I really enjoyed your talk yesterday. It was very enlightening. I very much liked your style of just following the nose through the subjects that you and the audience finds interesting. The Human LINQ demo was excellent.

    My only regret is that I haven’t read you book yet… but now it is definitely next on the list :-)



  3. Are you kidding! … C’mon skeet .. I’m looking forward to it!! You’ve quickly become my favorite C# blogger!! … I’m trying to strengthen my Java skills and I’d like to learn C# too …. skeet, you rock!!


  4. Hi Jon – Quite an impressive show you put on here in Denmark. Your ability to write code on the spot in front of a crowd is quite extraordinary and does so much more for understand than flashy powerpoints.

    Even though I have kind of learned to love ReSharper after the third reinstall (no, im not on their paylist) I think it would be more beneficial to your talk if you disable it during the show. I have a feeling that those not running it themselves are a bit put off by the many new colors, extended tooltips and flashy icons.

    Oh and by the way – The guy that answered your multithreading closure “how do we fix it” question with “Just do what resharper suggests” deserves to win a copy of the book or resharper (whichever he doesnt already have) ;-)


  5. Hi Jon, thanks for a great talk.

    I was watching some of the PDC sessions yesterday and it seems like they’re adding Design by Contract features to the BCL in .NET 4.0. Yay! The session I’m referring to is called, “TL51 Research: Contract Checking and Automated Test Generation with Pex” ( Check it out!

    Now, they aren’t adding non-nullability except for adding preconditions like Contract.Requires(arg1 != null) but they do have a concept called the ObjectInvariant method which you might be interested in.


  6. @Christian – glad you enjoyed it. I like writing code with audience participation. It makes life a lot more fun!

    I think you’re right about disabling ReSharper – I’ll try to remember to do so next time I’m speaking! (Possibly intellisense too…) It does distract somewhat.


  7. @Anthony: Not yet. 5 hours is quite a lot of video to edit (working out where to show me and where to show the screen, etc). Don’t worry, I’ll add a post when it turns up :)


  8. I saw couple of PDC videos and must say that combination of constantly seeing speaker and screen works quite well.

    But I’ll be happy with any kind of video they publish :)


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