Copenhagen C# talk videos now up

The videos from my one day talk about C# in Copenhagen are now on the MSDN community site. There are eight sessions, varying between about 25 minutes and 50 minutes in length. I haven’t had time to watch them yet, but when I do I’ll submit brief summaries so you can quickly get to the bits you’re most interested in. (As far as I’m aware, they’re only available via Silverlight, which I realise isn’t going to be convenient for everyone.)

Feedback is very welcome.

11 thoughts on “Copenhagen C# talk videos now up”

  1. I’m home sick and I’ve spent otherwise idle time catching up on this talk. Informative and with a depth that I often miss in much of C# teaching at large. Earlier in .NET’s evolution, they tended to wander off into boxing, nowadays they explain basics of generics and LINQ as if I don’t know them. I find it very interesting that not many people delve into the specifics of how some of the language features work and how we can abuse them for our own twisted means. ;)


  2. The summaries would be useful. Also if you feel there is any content in there that would be of interest to people that have already read C# in Depth from cover to cover then it would be great if you could point them out.


  3. Jon,

    You Rock!!! … I’m watching the first video now … this is awesome!! thanks for the link .. I wish I could download the videos for offline (and repeated) viewing … but besides that … this super informative! …

    by the way … hopefully you’re talking to Manning about an Effective CSharp book .. I’d definitely buy it.



  4. Thank you to you and the organisers for doing the talk and making it available. I’ve noted a number of things I didn’t know.

    Is it me or is part 6 broken?


  5. Now that I’ve watched (almost(*)) all of them:

    – Your speaking style is very smooth and understandable — someone I could sit and listen to for a day without falling asleep.

    – The talks themselves were informative. I’m pretty good with C# already so there wasn’t that much new to me, but I did learn some things.

    – The one problem you had was then someone asked a question, you frequently forgot to repeat it into the mic.

    – The major problem was not with you but with the video production. Too often there was a close up of you when it should be showing the code and vice versa. Oddly, the cameraman started out quite good in this area and got progressively worse as the series went on. There wasn’t a readable closeup of the code for the entire last 20 minute (when you were doing Q&A and typing a lot) (although it’s appeared that they started with two camera, and one failed during the day, so they were trying to make do)

    (*) I was unable to see all of them because it seems the link the Part 6 is broken.


  6. @James/JazzHands: Part 6 should be working now.

    @Anthony: Thanks for the direct links.

    I’m still trying to find time to flick through the talks to pull out the topics as a summary. I’m about half way through…


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