Books going cheap

I’m delighted to say that Manning is having a promotional week, with a one-day discount voucher on each of the books I’ve been working on. Here’s the list of what’s going cheap when:

This seems an appropriate time to mention that the first new content from the 2nd edition of C# in Depth became available under MEAP over the weekend. I’m looking forward to getting feedback on it.

I’ll be tweeting the relevant code each morning as well. Go nuts :)

19 thoughts on “Books going cheap”

  1. Their shopping cart reports “The coupon code you have entered has expired.” when attempting to use twtr0710 on the Functional Programming book.


  2. @Jon

    From the COM post:
    I’m currently writing about these features for the book

    Does it mean the book we can order tomorrow is not the final version?



  3. @Vincent: what you can buy today (and more cheaply tomorrow) is the “MEAP” version (Manning Early Access Program). Basically you get access to the book as I’m writing it, and the full copy when it’s finished.


  4. It looks like there is only one chapter available on ‘C# in Depth, 2nd edition’. Is this correct? If so, it probably makes more sense for me to order the 1st edition for the time being. What do you reckon?


  5. @Anthony: When you pre-order the second edition, you get the ebook of the first edition free.

    If you want a hard copy soon, buy the first edition. If you’re happy with an ebook version of the first edition for the moment, get the second edition.



  6. @Jon. Good point. What I want is something to study C# as soon as possible but I don’t really mind if it’s a hard copy or not so yes it makes sense to pre-order the 2nd edition now and I will use the ebook version of the first edition for now.
    Thanks for your speedy reply!


  7. I loved the first edition and was in the process of ordering the second when I noticed the shipping cost to the UK!

    Oh dear …

    I think ill wait for Amazon


  8. @Bill: Yes, there are quite a few people in the UK who feel likewise. I’m collecting a list of names, and we’ll see what we can do. No promises, but drop me an email to get on the list.


  9. Jon. I got a copy of the first edition as soon as it shipped and think it’s great. Comparing the contents (chapter names) of the second edition leaves me wondering how much C#4/new content there is.


  10. @Adrian: The “big” new content will basically be three new main chapters:

    – Named arguments, optional parameters, COM tweaks, variance
    – Dynamic typing
    – Code Contracts and Parallel Extensions

    Additionally I’ll be going back over the old text and updating it, but don’t expect *huge* changes for the most part.


  11. @Jon (and @Adrian)
    Is is an easy win for the publisher to also publish a book that is just the chapters relevant to c#4?

    that way, new readers could get the whole new edition, and existing owners of the first edition could buy the “add-on” edition

    I appreciate that this is most likely pie-in-the-sky (and would be a pretty slim book), but i suspect it’d be a popular publication


  12. @rfin: I don’t think it would make sense to do that as a hard copy, but I’m talking to Manning about what we can do in terms of an ebook that’s just the new chapters, possibly with a rebate if the purchaser then bought the complete 2nd edition. No promises though.


  13. perhaps Manning could make a “book mash-up” of interesting new stuff from their exisitng content that includes your new c#4 content, and a few chapters from some of their other .netc# related content?

    i appreciate that this is even more tenuous!


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