MVP Again

I’m delighted to be able to announce that I’m now an MVP again.

Google has reconsidered the situation and worked out a compromise: I now receive no significant gifts from Microsoft, and I’m not under NDA with them. While that precludes me from a lot of MVP activities, it removes any concerns to do with Google’s Code of Conduct. Basically my MVP status is truly just a token of Microsoft’s recognition of what I’ve done in the C# community – and that’s fine by me.

When I announced that I’d been advised not to seek renewal, I was amazed at the scale of the reaction in the comments, other blog posts, Twitter and personal email. I was touched by the response of the community. I really love working at Google, and the fact that we could figure out a solution to this situation is definitely one of the things that makes Google such an awesome place to work. Oh, and did I mention that we’re hiring? :)

Anyway, the basic message of this post is: thanks to the community for caring, thanks to Google for reconsidering, and thanks to Microsoft for renewing my award. And they all lived happily ever after…

26 thoughts on “MVP Again”

  1. Congrats Jon!

    I too was initially disappointed when this started. But it does make sense that you shouldn’t be under NDA with Microsoft while working with Google. So the compromise solution seems necessary and very good.

    It almost seems, just for one moment, like the world contains some intelligent adults. Is it possible?

    best of luck


  2. I was amazed when I saw your first post, but I didn’t quite figure out why Google would reject. Now that you’ve made it more explicit it makes sense – and I fully agree. In fact the same thing happened to me, but the other way around.

    I recently joined Google, but before that I was under NDA from another company. I beta tested unreleased products and because of that I obviously had access to very privileged information. This didn’t play well with my new job because some of the products I could be testing in the future were in direct competition with… Google’s products!

    In short, I think most people who were vocal about it can understand and actually agree with the reasoning for Google’s position – it’s just that people hadn’t understand it.


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