Book updates for July 2021

Just a quick post with some updates around books and related events…

Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs: MEAP update

In June, I posted about the book that Tomasz Lelek and I are writing. (Well, Tomasz is doing the bulk of the work – only two of the thirteen chapters are by me, but I’ll take any credit I can get.)

I’m pleased to say the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) of the book has been updated to include all chapters. It isn’t finished yet, but it means the first draft of the chapter I’ve written on versioning (chapter 12) is now included.

Tomasz and I are still working hard on the book… it’s great to see it getting into more people’s hands as we get closer to entering the production phase.


I’m delighted to have been asked to write forewords for two books:

I can heartily recommend both books.

Manning API Conference

The Manning API Conference is coming up soon, and I’ll be talking about network API versioning strategies. It’s a free virtual conference with a bunch of great speakers, so please sign up and I hope to see you in the chat.