ICloneable? Not quite…

I don’t usually post personal news on my blog, but this is fairly major. Some of you may know that my wife, Holly, is pregnant. What you won’t know – and what we didn’t know until today – was that we’re having twins. Eek! A lovely surprise, if somewhat scary. For those of you who like piccies, the scans are on my web site…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go and lie down. And to think I was going to write up C# 2.0 features tonight…

11 thoughts on “ICloneable? Not quite…”

  1. Congratuations

    The trick is to teach them to sleep at the same time. The problem is that kids are not really trainable until…well…they’re never really trainable. Sorry I couldn’t help. :)


  2. congratulations.
    Two is a nice number. I heard of a couple that had four boys and wanted a girl. They tried one more time and got….twin boys :-}


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