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I decided today that I could do with somewhere to dump random thoughts about my faith in the same way that I dump random thoughts about computing here. Clearly this isn’t the right place to do it, so I’ve set up a Faith Blog with Blogger. Some of you may be interested in it. Don’t let it bother you if not. This is the last you’ll hear about it unless there’s some topic which directly affects both areas.

3 thoughts on “Faith blog”

  1. Jon,
    Wow, quite a collection of sermons and thoughts. I read through some of your faith based posts and was very impressed with your ability to articulate and spread your faith so effectively. I think we’ve had quite a few debates on newsgroups in the past, if you can recall. Myself I’m agnostic, or at least not quite committed to any organized religion. I was wondering though, given you claim to enjoy debating – have you ever had any religious debates before? With atheists or members of other religions? I’m always interested in hearing about faith from people of a highly technical background so I’m glad you’ve shared this with everyone.



  2. I have had religious debates, but only informally. They tend to be most useful when done in person, between people who already know and trust each other. In my experience, things can get all too heated online. Sometimes that’s simply been my fault, but human nature can affect us all.

    Does that sound a lot like a cop-out?



  3. Well that’s fair enough. In my case I’m not really looking for a debate, so much as understanding what it is I’m missing. I’m interested in knowing one thing if you would oblige. When you have those moments of doubt, perhaps over the authenticity of Christian scripture or the experience of the spirit – what process do you go through, personally, to rid yourself of those doubts? Is it a logical process or purely an emotional one? Do you ever satisfy the logical part of your brain? Perhaps it’s better if I actually ask this on your faith blog. :)


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