Wacky Ideas – Introduction

I’ve been having a few wacky ideas recently, and I think it’s time to put them to virtual paper. They’re mostly around how we think about OO, and how future languages and platforms could do things. I very much doubt that any of them are new. I suspect they’ve been mulled over by people who really know how to think about these things, and then write papers about them. Probably using TeX. I’m not going to that much effort, so there will be several things I haven’t thought through at all. I won’t go so far as to say that’s your job, but knowing my readership you’re likely to come up with loads of things I’d never considered anyway.

Most are likely to be phrased in C#/.NET terms, but they’re likely to apply to Java anyway. Some may have a few better fits in one language than another – I’ll point them out when I think of them.

I don’t necessarily think these are good ideas. Some are probably stinkers. Some may well be useful. Some may even occur one day. Some are bound to exist already in languages I don’t know, of which there are many. Almost all of them are likely to introduce new syntax (or take some away) which makes them non-starters for many scenarios. Don’t take it all too seriously, but I hope you have fun.

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