Writing is hard work: what I’ve been up to recently…

Just a brief note to explain what I’ve been up to recently (and why I’ve got about four fun blog posts which I haven’t had time to write up yet). I’m wildly pleased to say that I’m currently writing a C# book for Manning (the same folks who published Groovy in Action).

I can’t give any more details at the moment, but hopefully as we get closer to publication I can give more details about not just the content but the writing process and anything interesting I’ve discovered while writing it. (Heck, there’s never enough room for everything you might want to include in a book – there’ll no doubt be plenty of left-overs to go round :)

Anyway, it’s hard work but incredibly rewarding. 28 hour days would be really welcome right now, admittedly, but the buzz is fantastic.

7 thoughts on “Writing is hard work: what I’ve been up to recently…”

  1. Hey, that’s good news! I hope you’ll write about C# v3 since I don’t have any books on that yet. :)

    Speaking of Manning, Bruce Payette’s “Windows PowerShell in Action” has been published a while ago, and it’s fantastic. I learned about that book from preview pages that you linked to on your blog. I don’t think you’ve pimped the final product yet, but you should!


  2. I know what you mean; I wrote ISBN-10: 0-470-03020-8 and went through the same cycle.

    My first draft was 720 pages; publishers wanted less than 500.

    It is quite pleasing to find a book with your name on the shelf.

    Yours, I am sure, will not stay on the shelf for too long-look forward to buying it.


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