Announcement: Partnership with Iterative Training

I’m delighted to announce my association with Iterative Training, a new .NET training company in the UK. It’s been founded by a colleague of mine and his girlfriend, and ran its first course earlier in the year – a WCF Master Class taught by Juval Löwy of IDesign. As you can tell from its starting point, Iterative Training is dedicated to providing really top notch training from genuine experts.

Where do I fit in? Well, I’m promoting the company on my website (the GoogleAds are now replaced with course adverts – but still without getting in the way of the content, I hope) and will be attending the last couple of days of TechEd in Barcelona to give some visibility to what we’re doing. Beyond that, I may well end up giving “taster talks” at user groups, and possibly even end up as a very occasional trainer. Who knows what the future holds?

I’m really excited about this opportunity to see more of the training side of development, and hopefully contribute to it. I have no idea what proportion of my readership comes from the UK, but I hope that if you do, and if you’re interested in some of the new .NET technologies, that you’ll have a look at the courses on offer and hopefully find something of interest. If you have suggestions for courses we should be offering but aren’t, we’d love to hear them – although we’re trying to keep to a relatively light schedule for the first year or so, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

None of this changes my existing situation: I will still keep up this blog and my articles, the book is still in progress, and I’m still in permanent employment. It’s expanding rather than replacing my range of activities :)

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