Book news

The book is coming along well, and here are a few snippets which may be of interest:

  • It’s now on Amazon
  • All the chapters and the appendix have been written and given a first set of edits
  • We’re going to “final review” stage soon – that doesn’t mean the text is being finalized just yet, but it means this is probably the last round of peer review
  • I’ve been putting together the downloadable source code (see next post for some fun)
  • I’m hoping that the next couple of chapters will turn up in MEAP soon
  • Daniel Moth very kindly let me plug it at the recent UK MVP Open Day
  • There’s another plug on the flyers I’ll be giving out promoting Iterative Training at TechEd Developer in Barcelona next week
  • Manning are doing a 25% discount when you buy LINQ in Action and C# in Depth together

The last point is particularly cool – it’s something I’ve been suggesting for a while, as the books complement each other very nicely.

3 thoughts on “Book news”

  1. Its only $29 on Amazon, nice. I looked at it there a few weeks ago when I put in a big order (AUS dollar is doing well against greenback), and it was $45. I’m disappointed because I won’t be putting another order in for quite some time.


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