Last post about the book (nearly) and a new source of information…

It’s about time I stopped using this blog to mention the book every couple of posts. Fortunately, I now have a new blog of sorts – well, a news page with an RSS feed. It’s part of the book’s web site – completely independent of Manning’s page for the book (which includes a link to their forum for it).

The web site is present in skeletal form – there are placeholders for everything I currently intend to include there, but none of the real content yet. That will be the work of the next couple of months.

The book itself is now almost out of my hands – it’s gone for copy editing and technical review, so I’m in reactive mode instead of proactive. It’s been nice to have time to play with some code for a change :) In particular, I’m quite pleased with the RSS generator. I could have found a third party library, I’m sure – but the mixture of LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML sorts it out in a mere 34 lines, which is pretty neat.

Anyway, I expect I’ll post again here when I finally get my hands on a proper printed copy of the book, but until then I promise to keep quiet :)

4 thoughts on “Last post about the book (nearly) and a new source of information…”

  1. This isn’t what your book is going to look like is it? Aarrgh!

    Will it sit on peoples desks or be shoved in a draw with that pic :P


  2. Yup, that’s what it will look like.

    Just remember though – when it’s *open*, the cover won’t be visible. If you don’t like the cover, just leave it permanently open :)

    Seriously though, I’m reasonably happy with the cover pic. I’ve seen a lot worse!


  3. mrpmorris from MS’s C# ng had suggested I check out your new book, so I bought the electronic preview, and I must say, VERY nice indeed!

    As someone moving from Delphi to C#, I find this kind of ‘deep’ exploration of C# the most helpful.


  4. Joe – that’s lovely feedback, thanks very much :) Not long to go before you get the “real” electronic version. (The paper version will take a little longer, obviously.)

    Admittedly I’ve been saying “not much longer” for a while now, but we really are getting very, very close…


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