Reading Geek Night 2 – March 28th

I’ve mentioned “Reading Geek Night” before – it’s basically a loosely connected bunch of folks talking about fun stuff. There’s a mix of agile/not, .NET/not, expert/not, egomaniac/not, sane/not etc.

The next meeting will be on March 28th, at my house (unless this post draws vast numbers of new folks!). We’ll start off by talking about C#, with me basically doing a demo of chapter 1 of my book – evolving code from C# 1 to C# 3 via C# 2. From there I expect it’s likely we’ll look at LINQ in more depth, maybe iterators, maybe think up funky new stuff. Basically a good time should be had by all.

If you’re around the Reading (UK) area and you’re interested in coming, please let me know. Anyone who has already mailed me about this but has managed to avoid being on the mailing list somehow, let me know that, too!

One thought on “Reading Geek Night 2 – March 28th”

  1. Hi Jon, I’d love to come.
    Want to relocate it to Australia? :)

    Damn I didn’t know you were in Reading, I was actually staying there over Christmas on vacation (friend’s house, near the train station).

    I just ordered your C# book from Amazon, looking forward to the read when it arrives. I guess that will have to suffice if you won’t come to Oz.


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