We’ve shipped! C# in Depth is out now (ebook)

I’m hugely pleased to announce that C# in Depth is now available in finished form as an ebook. The hard copy will ship in about three weeks. Thanks to everyone who’s been involved, particularly the folks from Manning, Eric Lippert (for both the tech review and the very kind comments!) and all the peer reviewers. Oh, and Holly for putting up with my lack of spare time over the last year :)

The work isn’t over yet, of course… I’ve still got to write up the specification map on the book’s web site, and I’ll probably end up writing various articles for magazines etc for marketing purposes. Still, a very significant milestone!

I really hope to write another book at some point – but I think I’ll be taking a few months off first…

14 thoughts on “We’ve shipped! C# in Depth is out now (ebook)”

  1. Congrats! :)

    Hope “a few months off” doesn’t mean you’ll disappear from the newsgroups as well? :)

    But seriously, good work, the book is really good and has become my favorite recommendation.


  2. Hi Jon,

    Great to see you finally reached the milestone. Must be quite a thrill to receive the first hard copy and feel the concrete work of countless nights :-)

    Keep blogging and posting in the MS C# newsgroups.


  3. I don’t intend to take time off from the newsgroups, no. There may be a little hiatus in that respect, due to some news I’m hoping to blog about soon – but the “few months off” in the post was really only in respect to book authoring :)

    It may be a lot longer than that, of course. I don’t want to start writing a new book just for the sake of it. I’ll have to find something else I really feel I can write about in a useful way.



  4. Congratulations. I have found your blog, news group postings and C# articles all incredibly useful for what seems a long time now. I will definately be buying a copy of the book once it is available.


  5. Congratulations!
    I ordered the early access copy when it was first available, so I have already read the book, but I can’t wait to actually get the real copy.


  6. Well done and congrats!! I am an SQL developer and just was pomoted to a position requiring C# knowledge. Is your book good for say a beginner like myself or would you recommend another book first and then move on to yours?



  7. William: my book really isn’t geared towards C# beginners, I’m afraid. Once you know C# 1, I’d of course recommend my book as a way of getting in-depth knowledge of C# – but it’s not good for picking up that original understanding.

    “Essential C#” by Mark Michaelis is good, as is “C# 3.0 in a Nutshell” – although the latter is *more* for reference than initial learning.

    Unfortunately it’s been a long time since I learned C#, and I learned it with a Java background which helped a lot, so it’s hard to recommend other learning experiences with any certainty.

    Do you have any programming experience other than SQL?



  8. Jon,

    Sad to say but SQL is it and I have been doing for over 10 years now. Thanks for your suggestion. I will check out those books today.

    I need more a tutorial right now just to get a footing the language. I will probably focus more on the database relationship with C# but want to first have an overall initial tutorial.

    Thanks again! – I will definitely pick up your book down the road.


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