Calling Trey Nash…

Okay, this is a slightly odd post, but with any luck it’ll prove successful. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently reading through Trey Nash’s “Accelerated C# 2008”. I’m writing down errata as I go, but so far the only place I’ve found to leave them is on the Apress web site – which may well be a black hole as far as I know.

So, if anyone knows how to get in touch with Mr Nash, could they either let me know or give him my email address ( and ask him to mail me? The normal means of finding him (blogs, forums, personal web sites etc) are failing me at the moment… I’ve left a comment on his blog, but as it’s rarely updated I don’t know whether he’s actively watching it.

Update: Trey has now mailed me, so all is well.

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