C# refcard now available (free) from DZone

Just a quick announcement. I’ve been working on a C# “refcard” with DZone, and it’s now available. It’s free to download after registration, and covers (briefly):

  • String escape sequences
  • Delegate and event syntax
  • Nullable value types
  • Syntax for generics
  • Extension methods
  • Query expressions

Obviously this isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide to C#, but I picked topics which have elements of syntax which are easily forgotten. Hopefully you’ll find it useful – and a refcard on “Core .NET” will be following fairly soon.

DZone also has a discount on Manning books, including C# in Depth.

3 thoughts on “C# refcard now available (free) from DZone”

  1. as j said, registration? bah.
    Not only that, but an obvious personal info fishing trip, why are commpany etc.. required fields.


  2. I can’t really comment on the DZone registration procedure, other than to say that I’m registered and I don’t recall ever being spammed by them.

    But hey, that’s the “price” in this case (it’s one registration which covers all the reference cards btw). Just as with any price, it’s up to individuals to determine whether or not it’s worth it for them.



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