Copenhagen talk on C# – what do you want to hear about?

I’ve created a Google moderator page for the C# talk I’ll be giving in Copenhagen. I don’t know whether there will be internet access at the event itself (for people to create and vote up/down questions during the talk) but at least as there’s a month before the event, people can ask questions now and I’ll do my best to make sure I answer them.

If you haven’t looked at Google moderator yet, it’s a very handy way of keeping track of questions during lectures etc. It’s almost a shame that people don’t tend to have laptops and internet access in church – it would be very handy to be able to add questions for the preacher during the sermon :)

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen talk on C# – what do you want to hear about?”

  1. Hi Jon,

    I’ve already enrolled to your talk in Copenhagen and posted a question on the moderator page. However, I think one of the reasons people haven’t asked more questions yet, might have something to do with the title of the talk. I mean, a title that translates to something like “C# in depth” might make people think that they have to ask C# specific questions instead of general .NET questions (at least I did). Maybe the title should have been more like “…in depth .NET using C#” o maybe not?

    That said, I personally think that topics like reflection, dynamic methods and linq expression trees would be nice to hear about and also topics about the evolution of the C# language and .NET framework such as parallel and spec# language extensions. However, these topics might not be of general interest since they currently aren’t directly usable on a day-to-day basis.

    If I take a look at my co-developers a lot of them haven’t even begun to use generics, linq or lambda expressions yet, so maybe topics like those would be of more general interest.

    Anyways I’m looking forward to the talk and to see what you actually will be talking about. ;)


  2. @Johannes: I’ll look forward to seeing you there. Ideally I would actually like C#-specific questions – I’m much more knowledgeable about C# than about .NET in general, although I will of course try to answer everything I can.

    It looks like we’re gradually picking up questions – and I’m hoping that we’ll have internet access on the day (I need to look into this) so people can add questions as we go, if they don’t want to ask out loud in the middle of something.


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