List of talks now up on C# in Depth site

I think I’ve now done enough public speaking to make it worth having a page with resources etc, so I’ve added it to the C# in Depth site. Where feasible, it will include slides, code and videos (and anything else suitable, really) from various events.

I haven’t got any more booked at the moment, although I’ve had a couple of invitations I really ought to sort out at some point. A couple of points of interest:

  • I’ve included “before, during and after” code for the “LINQ to Objects in 60 minutes” presentation at DDD. The “before” code is just unit tests and shells of signatures etc. The “during” code is what I was able to get done during the event. The “after” code is a bit more complete – basically I implemented everything I already had unit tests for.
  • I’ve included a brief summary of each of the Copenhagen videos. The last two talks are the ones with the most “new” material for C# in Depth readers, although there are a few other nuggets scattered around the place. (Fun tip: if you download the wmv files, you can watch at 1.5x speed. It makes it look like I can type really fast!)

The video from DDD isn’t up yet, but when it is I’ll edit the page.

One thought on “List of talks now up on C# in Depth site”

  1. I’ve done a blog or two. souly my own. I’ve been doing more in blog’s for now. I’m spending more time with C# here. I’ve also been going back to the basic in C where I began. I’m thrilled with C# as well.


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