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Now that the “recent activity” page is working, the feed that the tool was using has been removed. However, the new page offers pretty much everything that the tool did, and a lot more besides. I’ve updated the tool to just redirect to the relevant page, so your bookmarks should still work.

Original post:

This is the micro-web-app that my recent ASP.NET question was about. It’s very simple – it shows you the reputation gained or lost by a specified user (typically you) for either today or yesterday. Note that these are Stack Overflow “today” and “yesterday” – i.e. they’re in UTC. That happens to be convenient for me as I’m in the UK, but more importantly it’s in tune with the reputation limits. It does mean that if you’re in a different time zone you’ll see the date changing at potentially unexpected times.

There’s an option for including a record of questions/answers which have received an upvote during the day but which haven’t generated any reputation – this happens if you’ve already hit the reputation limit for the day before the vote.

The worst part about the user interface (to my mind) is that you have to know the ID of the user whose reputation you want to check. This isn’t exactly hard, but it’s slightly annoying. Basically you need to go to the user’s profile page on Stack Overflow and look at the URL. It will be of the form – take the user ID from that, and put it into the tool. I may be able to have a browsing mode just like that on SO at some point, but it will take at least some work. I’ve been concentrating on the data retrieved rather than the presentation, as you’ll no doubt be able to tell at a glance :)

All the options are specified on the URL, so you can bookmark your own user results very easily. For example:

(If anyone has any better ideas for the URL parameter than “showzero” I’m very much open to suggestions. I can keep backward compatibility for the sake of bookmarks really easily.)

At the moment it’s showing pretty much all the information it receives. I’m hoping that I may be able to work with the Stack Overflow team to make it easy (and importantly, cheap for the SO server) to show a whole date range (e.g. “what happened in the last week?”) and also give details of the number of votes up and down, and when an answer is accepted (or unaccepted).

Enjoy, and share with friends. Feedback welcome. Many thanks to Geoff Dalgas for working with me to limit the impact on the server.

7 thoughts on “Stack Overflow Reputation Tool now online”

  1. That’s great, Jon! I have recently ventured into ASP.NET myself (though I abandoned using ASP for the rendering and chose to use Silverlight and ASP.NET web services), so it was really great to read the answers to your question that ultimately led to this tool.



  2. @ICR: Yup. I suspect that wouldn’t be too hard on the server, although I’m trying to keep it as light as possible. I’d probably force it to do a redirect if the lookup succeeds, so that the URL contains the numeric ID afterwards – better for bookmarking.

    Hmm. Will think further.


  3. Jon, followed your links above and there seems to be an error (e.g. I haven’t changed the URL at all). It worked a few days ago when I looked.


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