Non-review: The Data Access Handbook by John Goodson and Robert A. Steward

A while ago I agreed to write a review of this book (which the publisher sent me a free copy of) but I haven’t had time to read it fully yet. I’ve been skimming through the first couple of chapters though, and it’s pretty interesting. I’ll post a full review when I have more time (along with reviews of CLR via C# and a bunch of other books) but I thought it would be at least worth mentioning the book in advance.

It’s really a performance book – as far as I can tell that’s its sole purpose (and I’m lumping scalability in with performance) which is fine. It covers some generalities and then splits by client technology (ODBC, JDBC, .NET) for the middle section. The final chapters are general-purpose again.

I’m loathe to say much more about it yet, having only read a small amount – but I’ll definitely be reading the rest. It’s unlikely to be particularly useful in my current job, but you never know – one day I may be talking to a regular SQL database again :)


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