C# in Depth 2nd edition: ebook available, but soon to be updated

Just a quick interrupt while I know many of you are awaiting more asynchronous fun…

Over the weekend, the ebook of C# in Depth 2nd edition went out – and a mistake was soon spotted. Figure 2.2 was accidentally replaced by figure 13.1. I’ve included it in the book’s errata but we’re hoping to issue another version of the ebook shortly. Fortunately this issue only affects the ebook version – the files shipped to the printer are correct. Speaking of which, I believe the book should come off the printing press some time this week, so it really won’t be much longer before you can all physically scribble in the margins.

We’re going to give it a couple of days to see if anything else is found (and I’m going to check all the figures to see if the same problem has manifested itself elsewhere) – but I expect we’ll be issuing the second "final" version of the ebook late this week.

EDIT: A lot of people have asked about an epub/mobi version of the ebook. I don’t have any dates on it, but I know it’s something Manning is keen on, and there’s a page declaring that all new releases will have an epub/mobi version. I’m not sure how that’s all going to pan out just yet, but rest assured that it’s important to me too.

10 thoughts on “C# in Depth 2nd edition: ebook available, but soon to be updated”

  1. > many of you are awaiting more asynchronous fun…

    good one ;)

    So the printed book will be available in a few days ? I pre-ordered it on Amazon a few weeks ago, and yesterday I received a mail from them saying the delivery would be delayed until December 15th ! Go figure…


  2. I pinged Manning a mail on this one last week and got this very prompt and friendly response:

    “I know for a fact that we will be converting this book into both of those mobile formats. I do not however know exactly when the books conversion will be complete. At this time we do not plan on selling the ebooks on Amazon.”



  3. @configurator: I believe it’s just two – that one and the Snippy one.

    Apologies for that – I’ve been meaning to get round to both of them, but things like async keep intervening. Will hopefully sort them out in the next week or two.


  4. I really hope they will bring an real ebook (epub).. The pdf version hardly counts as ebook… It does not flow code and tables nicely on a nook ereader. I was thinking that this epub was also announced on the website (cant find it anywhere now), not in the announced mobile format books and not on the book page itself)? If the epub is not coming, can I upgrade to the paper one? Or better, let me post this question at the manning site/support and let you focus on the async c#5 stuff ;)


  5. @Anthony: The updated ebook came out recently, and the printed version is out already. A lot of folks in the US have theirs already, and I believe the international orders are starting to come through too.


  6. @Bart: I think it’s just the way that font shows up when not zoomed in. If you zoom in so that the letters are large, you can see the dot on the i. I agree it doesn’t look great though.


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