C# in Depth 2nd edition: now available in mobi/epub (Kindle) format

I’m not quite sure why this hasn’t been emailed to all existing owners, but the ebook of C# in Depth 2nd edition is now available in mobi and epub form, as well as PDF.

You can download it from the Manning user account site. You need to have the existing ebook first, but if you have the hard copy there should be a voucher in the front which will let you get the ebook for free. (This should work wherever you bought the hard copy from; it doesn’t matter whether you originally ordered it from Manning or not.) If you don’t already have a login for the user account site, just register using the same email address that the ebook was sent to. That way the system automatically credits you with all the ebooks you’ve bought. If you have had ebooks delivered to multiple email addresses, you can add those in the settings page.

Anyway, click on the link to C# in Depth, and you can download the book in any of the listed formats – if you want to use it on a Kindle, just download the mobi file, copy it to the Kindle and you should be well away.


10 thoughts on “C# in Depth 2nd edition: now available in mobi/epub (Kindle) format”

  1. I emailed Manning support, and they sent me a link to the account site. Probably not emailed people, since millions of people have bought the book ;-) and the account site is still beta, so they didn’t want to overload it.

    Anyway, congrats on making it to mobi. I now have a Skeet in my pocket!


  2. And for those of you who have an iPad, use iPad’s Safari, login to Manning and click on the epub link. This will give you options to “open in…” and you can select iBooks to download the book and add it your iBooks collection.


  3. Fantastic news! There is a severe lack of any programming books on the Kindle, and this book has been on my wishlist for a while.

    Would it be possible to show a screenshot of the book on the Kindle, just to see what the formatting is like. I’ve had some bad experiences with technical books on the Kindle.


  4. @Mike: Unfortunately I can’t take a photo of my Kindle at the moment as its screen is broken :( However, I looked at one last night and it’s mostly okay. Some listings definitely look better than others, but I think it’s usable.


  5. Thanks for the reply, Jon. Almost out of principle for being one of the few publishers to release a great software development book for Kindle use I’ve just bought two copies for home and work.


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