Edulinq – the e-book

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve made a first pass at converting the blog posts in the Edulinq series into e-books.

I’m using Calibre to convert to PDF and e-book format. I still have a way to go, but they’re at least readable. The Kindle version (MOBI format) is working somewhat better than the PDF version at the moment, which surprises me. In particular, although hyperlinks are displaying in the PDF, they don’t seem to be working – whereas at least the internal links in the Kindle format are working.

I’ll no doubt try to improve things over time, but I’ve put these early attempts up on the root page of the Edulinq project site. I’ve also put all the blog posts up as HTML in the site’s source control; that means you can browse the latest version directly. It also means if you sync the source control, download Calibre yourself and add “index.html” as a new e-book in the Calibre library, you can play with the conversion yourself and help me improve things. Feedback about problems is welcome; feedback including the fix is even better :)

15 thoughts on “Edulinq – the e-book”

  1. @Doeke: I suspect I can do – I’ll try later on. Have a look at the downloads page in a few hours. I don’t have an iPad to test it on though.


  2. Awesome! You just completed one of the items on my todo list: “Figure out some way to transfer Jon Skeet’s Edulinq series to the Kindle”. I’ve read the first two chapters off the Kindle now, and it works like a charm. Formatting, TOC and hyperlinks works great.

    Thanks for the writing, the wrapping, everything :)


  3. Many thanks! Those are the best posts I’ve ever read on LINQ. I appreciate your time and effort in converting the posts into Edulinq series into e-books.


  4. I just do the ePub version and a quick check shows the links work. Nice to have the complete posts all together! Thanks, Jon.


  5. Finally, I finished the whole edulinq series. Thanks for writing, Jon! I actually read the final chapters on my iPad with ePub version. I totally forgot about that, because I was disappointed by the (very ugly) PDF version.

    I already made PDFs with Safari’s Reader, and the Save As PDF function, and syncing/reading it with DropBox in a posting-per-PDF version. That worked for me.

    But with the ePub I’ve got a table of contents with navigation, syntax highlighted code and a nice readable font. So it’s even better than the blog-version. Thanks again Jon.


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