Upcoming speaking engagements

It’s just occurred to me that I’ve forgotten to mention a few of the things I’ll be up to in the near-ish future. (I’ve talked about next week’s Progressive .NET session before.) This is just a quick rundown – follow the links for more blurb and details.

.NET Developer Network – Bristol, September 21st (evening)

I’ll be talking about async in Bristol – possibly at a high level, possibly in detail, depending on the audience experience. This is my first time talking with this particular user group, although I’m sure there’ll be some familiar faces. Come along if you’re in the area.

Øredev 2011 – Malmö, November 9th

It’s a whistle-stop trip to Sweden as I’m running out of vacation days; I’m flying out on the Tuesday evening and back on the Wednesday evening, but while I’m there I’ll give two talks:

  • Async 101 (yes, more async; I wonder at what point I’ll have given as many talks about it as Mads)
  • Effective technical communication (not a particularly technical talk, but definitely specific to technical communication)

Last year I had an absolute blast – looking forward to this year, even though I won’t have as much time for socializing.

Stack Overflow Dev Days 2011 – London, November 14th – cancelled!

Update: Dev Days has been cancelled. I’m still hoping to do something around this topic, and there may be small-scale meet-ups in London anyway.

Two years ago I talked about how humanity had let the world of software engineering down. This was one of the best talks I’ve ever given, and introduced the world to Tony the Pony. Unfortunately that puts the bar relatively high for this year’s talk – at least, high by my own pretty low standards.

In a somewhat odd topic for a Christian and a happy employee of a company with a code of conduct which starts "Don’t be evil," this year’s talk is entitled "Thinking in evil." As regular readers are no doubt aware, I love torturing the C# language and forcing the compiler to work with code which would make any right-thinking software engineer cringe. I was particularly gratified recently when Eric Lippert commented on one of my Stack Overflow answers that this was "the best abuse of C# I’ve seen in a while." I’m looking forward to talking about why I think it’s genuinely a good idea to think about nasty code like this – not to use it, but to get to know your language of choice more intimately. Like last time, I have little idea of exactly what this talk will be like, but I’m really looking forward to it.

8 thoughts on “Upcoming speaking engagements”

  1. @Eugene: Unlikely, to be honest – at least any time in the near future. I’m planning to go somewhat quiet in 2012; I want to give more time to my family (and let my wife do more speaking engagements herself). Who knows in 2013 though?


  2. Hi Jon,
    Unfortunately according to the SO dev days site all the 2011 conference have been cancelled due to poor uptake :( Are you likely to be giving this talk at another venue in London this year? It sounds like it would have been quite intriguing!


  3. @John: Thanks, I’d forgotten to update the blog post. I’m not sure whether I’m talking again in London this year… but I’m still hoping to do *something* with this talk, even if I end up just videoing it at home…


  4. Great to hear that you are coming to Öredev! Perhaps we’ll meet and you could tell me some about Noda Time and why I should use it, and I can show you around lilla torg my old home-town in return!


  5. @Henrik: I’d be happy to bend your ear about Noda Time, but I’ll have no time for sight-seeing unfortunately – I fly in on the Tuesday night, speak on the Wednesday then fly back on Wednesday evening :(


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