Awaiting CodeMash 2012

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m attempting to make 2012 a quiet year in terms of my speaking engagements – I’ve turned down a few kind offers already, and I expect to do so again during the year. I may well still give user group talks in evenings if I can do so without having to take holiday, but full conferences are likely to be out, especially international ones. This is partly so I can take more time off to support my wife, Holly, who has her own books to promote. This year will be particularly important for Holly as she’s one of the World Book Day 2012 authors – I’m tremendously proud of her, as you can no doubt imagine.

However, there’s one international conference I decided to submit proposals for: CodeMash. I’ve never been to this or any other US conference, but I’ve heard fabulous things about it. I’m particularly excited that I’ll be able to present alongside Bill Wagner, a fellow C# author (probably most famous for Effective C# which I’ve reviewed before now). Bill and I have never met, although we’ve participated jointly on a .NET Rocks show before now. I could barely hear Bill when we recorded that though, so it hardly counts :)

The conference schedule for CodeMash shows Bill and I each giving two talks: two individual ones on general C# (C# Stunt Coding by Bill, and C#’s Greatest Mistakes by me) and two sessions on the async support in C# 5… async "from the inside" and "from the outside". Although these have hitherto been shown as separate sessions, everyone involved thought it would make more sense to weave the two together… so this will be a double-length session. Bill will be presenting the "outside" view – how to use async, basically; I’ll be presenting the "inside" view – how it all hangs together behind the scenes.

With any luck, this will be much more helpful to the conference attendees, as they should be able to build up confidence in the solid foundations underpinning it all at the same time as seeing how fabulously useful it’ll be for developers. It also means that Bill and I can bounce ideas off each other spontaneously as we go – I intend to pay close attention and learn a thing or two myself!

It’s pretty much impossible to predict how it’ll all hang together, but I’m really excited about the whole shebang. I’ll be fascinated to see if and how US conferences differ from the various ones this side of the pond… but it does make the whole thing that bit more nerve-wracking. If you’re coming to CodeMash, please grab me and say hi – it never hurts to see a friendly face…

(Note: Bill has a similar blog post posted just before this one.)

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