The future of “C# in Depth”

I’m getting fairly frequent questions – mostly on Twitter – about whether there’s going to be a third edition of C# in Depth. I figure it’s worth answering it once in some detail rather than repeatedly in 140 characters ;)

I’m currently writing a couple of new chapters covering the new features in C# 5 – primarily async, of course. The current "plan" is that these will be added to the existing 2nd edition to create a 3rd edition. There will be minimal changes to the existing text of the 2nd edition – basically going over the errata and editing a few places which ought to mention C# 5 early. (In particular the changes to how foreach loop variables are captured.)

So there will definitely be new chapters. I’m hoping there’ll be a full new print (and ebook of course) edition, but no contracts have been signed yet. I’m hoping that the new chapters will be provided free electronically to anyone who’s already got the ebook of the 2nd edition – but we’ll see. Oh, and I don’t have any timelines at the moment. Work is more demanding than it was when I was writing the first and second editions, but obviously I’ll try to get the job done at a reasonable pace. (Writing about async in a way which is both accessible and accurate is really tricky, by the way.)

Of course when I’ve finished those, I’ve got two other C# books I want to be writing… when I’m not working on Noda Time, Tekpub screencasts etc…


I had a question on Twitter around the "two other C# books". I don’t want to go into too many details – partly because they’re very likely to change – but my intention is to write "C# from Scratch" and "C# in Style". The first would be for complete beginners; the second wouldn’t go into "how things work" so much as "how to use the language most effectively." (Yes, competition for Effective C#.) One possibility is that both would be donationware, at least in ebook form, ideally with community involvement in terms of public comments.

I’m hoping that both will use the same codebase as an extended example, where "From Scratch" would explain what the code does, and "In Style" would explain why I chose that approach. Oh, and "From Scratch" would use unit testing as a teaching tool wherever possible, attempting to convey the idea that it’s something every self-respecting dev does :)

13 thoughts on “The future of “C# in Depth””

  1. Have the first two versions and would buy the third without thinking about it.

    But, if the contracts don’t work out then maybe publishing the extra chapters yourself? Leanpub or somewhere else? Would lower the cost for the reader (With not really needed, can always buy there using coupons and daily deals, love them).. and still get paid for writing extra chapters.


  2. I wouldn’t mind paying for a new C# in Depth, if it came as a 3rd Edition.

    C# in Style is something I would certainly buy or donate, even in advance. If it will help you write it sooner, please make a Kickstarter!


  3. I think we sure should pay for your work. Im happy owner of your previous 2 editions and they helped me so much that i’ll sure buy 3rd one. By the way you can think about project as someone mentioned here. It’ll give you some starting founds and you can put the book on some store(or even donation store) after you finish..


  4. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from C# in depth. I will definately pick up your next version. I’m am also excited to see you will be writing a couple more books. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. I’m sure there are plenty of us that would be willing to contribute to a kickstarter.


  5. Good Afternoon, i read your book and i learn lot of aspects, Thank’s for your work, it’s reference book for me


  6. Jon you should write a reactive extensions book using the same method as you did with LINQ in CSID.. That’s the way forward, so get involved!


  7. I think I’ll probably go ahead and buy the second edition if the new chapters are made available electronically.
    Are you able to confirm this yet Jon? Or should I wait a little longer now if it’s not far away?


  8. @mark: I’m still discussing this with Manning, but I’d certainly expect something to be available electronically for existing owners – either free or for a small charge.

    As for a publication date – I wouldn’t *expect* it to be available as a final version before (say) March 2013. There *may* be an early-access version earlier than that – again, that hasn’t been finalized.


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