New blog hosting

As some of you have noticed (and let me know), my old blog hosting provider recently moved off Community Server to WordPress. I figured that as all the links we being broken anyway, now would be a good time to move off anyway. The old posts are still there, but my blog’s new home is Hopefully I’ve fixed (almost) all the internal links from one blog post to another, and Nick Craver has generously agreed to fix up links on Stack Overflow, too. I’ll fix up my web site references when I get the chance, and hopefully things will get back to (mostly) normal as soon as possible. Obviously there’ll be plenty of links elsewhere around the web which I can’t fix, but I suspect I’m my own primary consumer, so to speak.

There are still bound to be teething issues, commenting problems, goodness knows what – but hopefully the blog itself will be in a better state than it was before, overall.

Additionally, I’m hoping to gradually (very gradually) coalesce my online presence around the domain. I haven’t set that up at all yet, but that’s the plan.

Apologies for link breakage, and fingers crossed it’ll be relatively smooth sailing from here on.

12 thoughts on “New blog hosting”

  1. Good luck, looking much better!

    One small issue: the CSS has -moz-hyphens: auto; in some places, which is causing the text to be hyphenated in Firefox. That is a little difficult to read. Also, a wider design would probably work better with code blocks.


    1. Yes, I’d like a wider design too – but WordPress themes all seem to want to keep things narrow. Likewise I can’t change the css for the theme to remove the -moz-hyphens :(

      These are downsides of using as opposed to a more hackable solution of course, but the benefits of it not being a time sink probably outweigh them.


        1. The mad thing is that on a large display there’s plenty of room for both the sidebar and wide posts. It seems that the craze for “responsive” themes all to often only extends to “it scales down to mobiles” not “it scales up to large screens”.


  2. Is it possible for your old blog service provider to set up URL rewrite? If so, you can monitor incoming 404s and manually rewrite them to your new URLs. I did experience the same problem when I moved from Blogger to self hosting WordPress (luckily I started to use my own domain at Blogger phase), but somehow solved the mess.


    1. I don’t think that’s likely to be viable, to be honest. It would be nice, but is run on a voluntary basis, and they’ve been putting a huge amount of effort in moving folks off CommunityServer already. I don’t want to add any more work for them – at least not right now.


  3. Much shinier, and now there’s no broken captcha on chrome :)

    Nice that I don’t have to update my feed too.


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